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Arcade Orchestra and the Man Behind It

For this upcoming segment of Have Healthy Success Radio, I have the immense pleasure of interviewing someone close to my heart, my dear husband, Jim Daneker. Jim has been an entrepreneur for more than 27 years. His journey, filled with ups, downs, triumphs, and lessons, is one that has not only shaped our personal lives but has also been a cornerstone of entrepreneurial insights and inspiration.


Why I Started My Home Business

I'm excited to give you an insight into my life's journey and the incredible path I've traveled over the past 25 years once I started my home business. It explains why my new podcast and radio show came into existence.


7 Ways Hydration Is Key to Great Health

Before reaching for your favorite soda, consider drinking a glass of water instead. It’s essential for the human body, but not enough people stay efficiently hydrated. Learn how hydration is key to great health and vitality.


Adopting Healthy Habits During a Life Transition

There’s no denying that life transitions can be hard, but they can also be a fantastic opportunity to make positive changes in your life. Whether you’re launching a business, quitting your job, or eliminating toxic relationships, you can use your major life transition as a catalyst for replacing bad habits with healthy habits. Be Healthy and More shares some ideas for doing just that.


Why Skincare is Essential for Your Health, Not Just for Looks

Since the skin is the body's largest organ, it needs special care — especially since it's exposed to all the external hazards of the world. Prioritizing the skin on your face is about keeping yourself physically and mentally healthy. Here are a few reasons you should plan to make a skincare routine for your health.


What Types of Illnesses Do Urgent Care Centers Treat?

While ERs are important for true emergencies and family doctors are crucial to your overall wellness, urgent care centers also play an important role in modern healthcare. Since urgent care centers are a relatively new phenomenon, many people wonder at their purpose and what types of conditions/injuries they are able to treat.


How to Build a Mindful Morning Routine to Manage Anxiety Naturally

Anxiety can creep in first thing in the morning, whether you're panicking over a work presentation or scrambling to get the kids on the school bus. That's why creating a mindful morning routine to reduce it is crucial to set yourself up for success. The more positive you are from the start, the better your day will be.

In time, you can count on a new morning regimen to become second nature, ensuring better mental health outcomes and fewer worries. Learn to let go of your anxiety and embrace each day with these 10 strategies for a more mindful waking routine.


10 Unexpected Benefits Of Joining A Volunteer Organization

Joining a volunteer organization offers so many benefits, from enriching your own life to helping improve the lives of others. The old saying that money can’t buy happiness is often true — it may require some selflessness and initiative on your part to create a more fulfilling life.

When you volunteer, you can create more meaning within your own life. You know that you’re giving and living something bigger beyond yourself. However, there’s more to volunteering than feeling good about yourself. Check out these ten benefits and find a cause you’re passionate about today.


Can Pregnant Moms Do Physical Therapy?

Pregnancy impacts nearly every part of a woman’s body. The mother's body must accommodate the growing child, as well as endure significant hormonal shifts, which often leads to a variety of aches and pains. With this in mind, many pregnant women wonder if physical therapy is an option during pregnancy and if it is, could it possibly be safe?


Why You Should Prioritize Spending Time in Nature for Your Health

When was the last time you spent a sunny day hiking a forested trail or bathing in the sun’s rays on the beach? If it’s been too long, don’t be surprised if you feel slightly under the weather. Copious scientific evidence suggests you should prioritize spending time in nature for your health.

Why? The reasons are many and multifaceted. As doctors and researchers learn more about what creates total health, they continually discover it is more holistic, with changes in one area affecting multiple others. This ripple effect can work for the positive, with changes in mood leading to physical improvements and vice versa.

As you’ll see, nature is the perfect medicine in many ways. Here’s a deeper look at why you should prioritize spending time in nature for your health.


Why Taking Photos While You Travel Is More Than Just Capturing Memories

There are many benefits of travel photography. Some believe snapping pictures can take you out of the moment, but it can actually enhance your experience. Capturing images during your travels is so much more than just capturing memories.


The 5 Best Back Exercises to Strengthen Core

We talked with Physical Therapist, Dr. Eoin Everard of and asked him what the best exercises are for back and core.  Here are his top choices!


7 Ways Stress Relief Can Improve Your Physical Health

People often push their stress aside when they have too much going on. You may need to focus on other responsibilities, but scheduling time to release tension could help you improve your physical health. Read these specific ways stress affects your body to get motivated about positive lifestyle changes that minimize it.


Attention Small Business Owners: 3 Money Management Tips to Get Ahead

If your small business needs more cash, you might try everything possible to increase your savings. However, there might be some easy techniques you're overlooking. Your startup should already have a budget to adhere to, as it's the foundation on which you can build. From there, these three money management tips will help you cut back on spending and may even maximize your profits.


Workplace Protocols That Really Need to Go in 2023

It’s 2023. Society has changed drastically in recent years, altering many people’s worldviews and making them re-evaluate what matters most to them. It’s time for employers to do the same — including looking at unwanted workplace rules and protocols that are antiquated in today’s world.

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