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Why I Started My Home Business

Why I Started My Home Business

I'm excited to give you an insight into my life's journey and the incredible path I've traveled over the past 25 years once I started my home business. It explains why my new podcast and radio show came into existence.

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Childhood Dreams: The Veterinarian That Wasn’t Meant to Be

Growing up, animals held a unique place in my heart, sparking a youthful ambition to become a veterinarian. Ohio State University's esteemed vet school became my academic aspiration, but an eventual confrontation with reality—primarily the challenging scientific path to vet school—steered me towards a new direction. My dreams realigned as I sought a different path where my passions and abilities could converge.

Navigating Through Uncertainty: Finding Passion in Unexpected Places

In the mid-90s, while grappling with the uncertainty that followed my pivot away from becoming a vet, I found solace in my favorite subject: math. With the digital age emerging yet online marketing and web design still in infancy, I leaned into a teaching career. However, this route soon revealed itself to be a misfit, immersing me in a daily monotony that nudged me back towards the drawing board of career contemplation.

A Surprising Passion: Web Design and Entrepreneurial Sparks

A college project, underpinned by the exploration of HTML and CSS, unveiled a previously undiscovered passion: web design. This exciting venture into creating a website not only earned me a top grade but also illuminated a new pathway. I dove into self-learning, gradually honing my skills, landing my first clients, and embarking on a fulfilling entrepreneurial journey.

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Juggling Act: Balancing a Side Job and a Growing Business

Even as my fledgling web design business took flight, a part-time position at a Nashville-based Christian book and Bible publishing company maintained financial stability. Navigating through the pre-LegalZoom era’s bureaucratic hoops, my mother's expertise and my determination birthed Complete Faith Web Design Inc., officially marking my entrance into the business world.

Encountering Remarkable Souls: A Pivot into Ministry Coordination

My client interactions opened new horizons, bringing me into contact with Tammy and Trent Lenderink. After Trent’s tragic passing in 2001, Tammy Trent found solace in sharing her personal story of pain and healing through her music and ministry. Our professional relationship blossomed into a lasting friendship and collaborative partnership, ushering me into a two-decade stint as Tammy's ministry coordinator.

Expansion and Diversification: Nurturing Multiple Ventures

Navigating through opportunities and challenges over the subsequent years saw the inception of various ventures, including a non-profit—Shelli Huether Honor Run Inc., formed to honor a dear friend and support military families. My passion also fueled the launch of Be Healthy and More LLC, a brand devoted to assisting others in their wellness and life journeys.

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Sharing the Wealth: Guiding Others Through Their Journeys

My multifaceted 25-year journey through self-learning and entrepreneurial endeavors has cemented my mission to guide others through their physical, emotional, and business journeys. This is the impetus behind my new show and upcoming podcast, designed to share stories, impart wisdom, and equip you with the tools needed to navigate through your unique path and realize your dreams.

Join Me on a Journey of Exploration and Empowerment

Your stage in life and career doesn’t define your potential for change or success. Whether you're fresh out of college, contemplating a mid-life career shift, or an aspiring entrepreneur seeking direction, my upcoming shows and podcasts aim to be a beacon, illuminating your path towards realizing your dreams. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together, exploring possibilities and harnessing our collective potential for growth and success.


From harboring veterinary dreams to navigating through various industries, each pivot and path explored over the past 25 years has been integral to my journey. The forthcoming podcasts and radio shows aim to distill these experiences, providing you with insights, guidance, and the inspiration needed to chart your course in the multifaceted realms of life and business.

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