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Husband & Wife Duo Gives In To The Facebook LIVE Karaoke Challenge

Marriage Inspiration

Our pastor once told us, while we were engaged, that our marriage would either be a "perfect storm or one of God's greatest miracles".  If you knew our stories, you would understand why.

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Dirty Socks

I think I've discovered the secret to a long, healthy, and fun marriage. Hold your chairs, this is gonna blow your mind.

{wait for it}

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Jim's Story

Because the following is so personal, I must have written and rewritten it dozens of times. I want to be truthful yet sensitive to those involved, and I want to say only what needs to be said that might encourage someone else walking a similar path.

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My Story - Once Upon A Time Is Now

As I sit here in the silence, in my beautiful & peaceful new home, with nothing but the sound of the pouring rain outside…I can’t help but feel extremely overwhelmed and immensely grateful for all that Jesus has done in my life.

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A Testimony of Hope From Grief

Tammy Trent is a gifted communicator who draws her audience close with her contagious humor and fun, energetic personality, and yet, the sincerity of her heart and wisdom of life experience is woven through the very words she speaks and sings.

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For I Am About To Do Something New

I put this verse on an image on my Facebook cover photo about 1 month BEFORE my husband walked into my life. I was feeling that a new season was coming... I finally was getting to a point of being ready.

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Why Anger May Not Be ‘All Bad’

Anger is a powerful emotion that people perceive as negative or destructive. Everyone has asked themselves at least once, “Is it possible for anger ever to be beneficial?” When you think of anger, you might think of shouting, screaming, or violent displays of emotion. But what if anger isn’t all bad?  

“Your anger is the part of you that knows your mistreatment and abuse are unacceptable. Your anger knows you deserve to be treated well and with kindness. Your anger is a part of you that loves you” - Lyndsey Gallant.  

Anger can be a valuable and adaptive emotion that protects, reveals and motivates. You can also harness anger for personal growth, improved relationships and well-being.

Here are some of the positive effects of anger.

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Boost Your Workday Year-Round: Unlock the Power of Gratitude for Greater Productivity and Well-being

People get so caught up in the day-to-day functions of life that they forget to be grateful for their blessings in life. It’s high time you realize that gratitude isn’t only for November — it’s something you can practice all year round, especially at work.

Being grateful has many physical, mental and social benefits. Discover how gratitude fuels positivity and better outcomes in the workplace.

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Arcade Orchestra and the Man Behind It

For this upcoming segment of Have Healthy Success Radio, I have the immense pleasure of interviewing someone close to my heart, my dear husband, Jim Daneker. Jim has been an entrepreneur for more than 27 years. His journey, filled with ups, downs, triumphs, and lessons, is one that has not only shaped our personal lives but has also been a cornerstone of entrepreneurial insights and inspiration.

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How to Care for Aging Parents in Your Home

Making space in your home for aging parents isn't always easy, but it's something you might have to face as you look out for them. It's difficult to see your parents age, but the best you can do is make them feel loved, cared for and considered in your home.

Keeping them happy may mean adjusting things about your life or household, but it'll be worth it. You'll enjoy moments in your home with your aging parents daily, ensuring they're safe and happy.

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10 Unexpected Benefits Of Joining A Volunteer Organization

Joining a volunteer organization offers so many benefits, from enriching your own life to helping improve the lives of others. The old saying that money can’t buy happiness is often true — it may require some selflessness and initiative on your part to create a more fulfilling life.

When you volunteer, you can create more meaning within your own life. You know that you’re giving and living something bigger beyond yourself. However, there’s more to volunteering than feeling good about yourself. Check out these ten benefits and find a cause you’re passionate about today.

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Why Taking Photos While You Travel Is More Than Just Capturing Memories

There are many benefits of travel photography. Some believe snapping pictures can take you out of the moment, but it can actually enhance your experience. Capturing images during your travels is so much more than just capturing memories.

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How to Have Conversations With People Who You Don’t Have Much in Common With at Work

Few things bring a feeling of dread to your belly more than the invitation to the annual work holiday mixer when you’re an introvert or struggling with social anxiety. You must associate with people with whom your relationship is typically defined by office rules and make small talk. Lots of small talk. It’s enough to make you want to call in sick that day and pull the covers over your head.

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5 Exercise Ideas for Bonding with the Entire Family

With the evolution of technological advances came a sharp increase in physical inactivity as tech became more accessible. The prevalence of overweight and obesity in the US has increased to almost 80%. People are at higher risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease without proper action. People should invite their loved ones to physically engage in combating these issues. Although exercise may seem boring, you can do plenty of activities as a group to have fun.

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How to Plan for a Fun-Filled Road Trip With Your Children

The family road trip — a classic bonding experience feared by so many parents has become a comedy staple. Think “National Lampoon’s Vacation” and “RV.” However, it’s highly unlikely your own adventure will turn into a disaster of cinematic proportions. 

With the right mindset and preparations, you can create a fun family vacation you and your kids will enjoy. The planning stage is often the biggest hurdle for parents, so here are some pointers to help you get started on a kid-friendly road trip.

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