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Relationships & Marriage

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Husband & Wife Duo Gives In To The Facebook LIVE Karaoke Challenge

Marriage Inspiration

Marriage Inspiration

Our pastor once told us, while we were engaged, that our marriage would either be a "perfect storm or one of God's greatest miracles".  If you knew our stories, you would understand why.

I feel like I’m living a fairy tale. Cinderella perhaps. However, I certainly didn’t have an evil stepmom and evil step-sisters. I grew up with a wonderful family, full of lots of love and devotion. But just like Cinderella was robbed of the kind of youth that she should have had…so was I.  You can read the rest of my store HERE.

For my husband, suffering was a foreign concept for much of his life.  He came from a wonderful middle-class family. He always felt loved and supported, landed his dream job early in his twenties, and so on. It was like God just kept dropping amazing gifts in his lap. He eventually allowed a gift into Jim's life that he didn’t want, but it proved essential to who he is today: the gift of suffering. In his story, that came through the long, slow death of his marriage and subsequent divorce. You can read more of his story HERE.

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Marriage Entertainment

I hope you receive a lot of inspiration from this video.  Just a little over 5 years ago, our marriage ceremony took place. I love watching the chemistry that we have. It certainly seems that we're "one of God's greatest miracles".

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