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Why Your Blood Type Should be the Map to Your Diet: Types AB, B, O, & A 

The blood type diet is when you eat according to your blood type to decrease the risk of chronic illness and improve overall health. There are four blood types — AB, B, O, and A. Each has a specific diet to follow to promote digestion, weight loss, and increased energy.

Here is why your blood type should be the map to your diet and food suggestions to follow. Learn about how to eat right for your blood type.

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Feeling Unmotivated? 3 Tips to Start Living Your Best Life

Everyone has goals for themselves. You might want to achieve a specific job, start a family or become a version of yourself that you’d prefer. The only challenge is that somewhere along the way, you lost the motivation that made you desire those goals in the first place.

If you’re feeling unmotivated in life, you’re not alone. Anyone can use these tips to start living their best life and maintain the ambition they’ll need to reach their goals. Think about what would most improve your life to transform your sense of drive — starting today.

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Leaving a Fracture Untreated: What You Should Know

During a rough game of football, your shin gradually starts to ache more and more, until you almost can’t bear to put weight on it. Though you don’t recall a specific moment where your leg snapped or bent the wrong way, it’s starting to hurt terribly and you’re pretty sure it’s broken.

But do you really need to visit a doctor? Do small fractures heal on their own? Here’s what you should know about leaving a fracture untreated and why it’s always a good idea to get it checked out.

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