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Ultimate Emergency Preparedness Guide: What to Include in Your First Aid Kit for Any Situation

Ultimate Emergency Preparedness Guide: What to Include in Your First Aid Kit for Any Situation

Emergencies can happen to anyone at any time, and they often occur without a warning. While you can't avoid every issue, preparation can help turn an unfortunate situation from hopeless to solvable. Having a first aid kit is a lifesaver. What should you add to your emergency box? Below are some necessities you should keep in your kit.

Basic First Aid Kit Essentials

A crisis can happen in any setting — at home, while you’re traveling or driving a car, which determines the relevance of your first aid pack. Here are the basic items to have all the time.

Adhesive Bandages

You need bandages to dress a cut, scrape, wound, burn and other minor injuries. They prevent further exposure of the open skin to infection and promote proper healing. Include a variety of sizes so you’re ready for anything from a small scrape to bigger wounds.

Antiseptic Wipes

You must clean the injury before dressing it. Since you won't always have access to alcohol or soap and running water to clean the injury, carry alcohol-based wipes to sanitize the wounds. They remove debris and avoid contamination, helping accelerate healing.

Gauze Pads

Add some sterile gauze pads to cover larger wounds. They absorb blood and draw exudates, like pus and clear fluid, out of injuries.

Tweezer and Scissor

These are handy in removing splinters, cutting bandages and pulling ticks from the skin. Have one of each in your first aid pouch.

These four things are adequate to temporarily treat an injury, stop the bleeding and avoid infections. They are the ABCs of the first aid kit.

Feminine Hygiene Products

If you have any women or girls in your family, this one is a must-have. While you probably have feminine hygiene products stocked at home, it’s also smart to keep some in a travel first aid kit.

Travel First Aid Kits Items

At a familiar place, you can respond faster to an emergency by calling 911 and asking for help from neighbors. But what if it happens while traveling or doing an outdoor activity? What if you suddenly hyperventilate while paddling on a lake?

The instances of these happening are slim but not nil. Therefore, it's crucial to always have a personalized emergency kit in your car or backpack while on the road. Add these items to your medkit on top of the basics.


Pack enough prescription meds if traveling for several weeks, whether local or international. It may be harder to purchase them at your destination. You should also pack pain relievers, cold and flu meds, antihistamines, anti-diarrheal, anti-malaria pills and anti-bacterial creams. You never know when you'll have traveler's tummy troubles or get infected with a disease.

About 79% of travelers experience health issues while on the move, so pack a comprehensive first aid kit with medicine supplies for when these issues occur.

Emergency Blanket

An emergency blanket is essential if you're taking a land trip in cold, wet and windy locations for an outdoor activity — such as paddling or camping — and the risk of hypothermia is high. Hypothermia happens when your body temperature drops to 95 degrees Fahrenheit due to cold exposure. It can be dangerous if you don't get immediate help. An emergency blanket provides insulation and slows the heat loss until you get inside and access medical assistance.

Emergency Contact Information

Wherever you go, carry a list of contacts and important medical information in your wallet. During a health emergency, you can easily hand your medical record to the hospital to get prompt treatment and increase your chance of survival. Write the following on a small card:

  • Your name
  • Emergency contacts
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Medical conditions and history
  • Health care providers
  • Health insurance
  • Vaccinations

Make these details readily available in case you require hospital admission.

Goggles and Gloves

Protective wear for your eyes and hands can come in handy in many situations. Disposable rubber gloves can be used when cleaning up wounds or vomit. If you might be building a campfire or handling something explosive, fire-resistant gloves can protect your fingers. Similarly, Goggles can protect your eyes in the event of a fire. On the topic of fire, you’ll also want to keep burn cream in your kit.

Customize Your First Aid Kit

Each person has different needs during an emergency, so personalize your first aid kit pouch. Add sedatives, diabetes testing supplies, insect repellents, inhalers, flashlights or triangle reflectors. Only you know what you need, so pack smart when traveling.

A first aid kit is a must during emergencies. It can save your and your loved one’s lives. Be sure to have one at home and in your car or backpack whenever you travel.

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