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Which Multivitamins are the Best?

Do Multivitamins Work for Optimal Health?

Most vitamins claim to cover your nutritional needs. But in reality, there's a lot missing. If you look at the labels, many don't include 100% of the recommended daily amounts of essential vitamins and minerals. In fact, they include quite a bit less.

Do Multivitamins Work?

Many multivitamin supplements are in capsules that aren't easily absorbed in your body or the forms of the vitamins and minerals themselves aren't easily absorbable. This means that you aren't even getting the amount that it says you should be getting on the label.

However, there is one multivitamin that lives up to its label...

Introducing Plexus XFactor Plus

Delivering the complete nutritional support you need to be the healthiest and happiest version of yourself. This is THE premium multi your body has been desiring. Delivering the most bioactive key nutrients available to help you thrive, including 100% OR MORE of the recommended daily value of 19 essential vitamins and minerals. It supports a balanced immune function, healthy bones and muscle function, supports metabolism, healthy blood pressure levels already in the normal range, boosts energy levels, promotes mental clarity, and even can help with symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes. So it is truly both an optimal health multivitamin for men and an optimal health multivitamin for women.


XFactor Plus Multivitamins Benefits

XFactor Plus contains some of the best versions of the essential nutrients, including a highly potent complete Vitamin B complex that delivers mental focus and energy and over 50 naturally occuring trace minerals. And because it contains easy to absorb nutrient forms, like methylated folate & methylated B12, you can be sure your body is getting the most benefit possible. On top of that, X-Factor Plus delivers a protietary micribiome activating complex helping to keep your gut healthy. (To learn more about the importance of gut health, read this article: 8 Incredibly Important Facts About Gut Health.)


Perfect for Vegans and Vegetarians

This is a perfect multivitamin for vegans and vegetarians because it includes 7000% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin B12. Since B12 is only found in animal foods, you're at a higher risk of health issues if you follow a plant-based diet. Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that helps keep the body's nerve and blood cells healthy and helps make DNA, the genetic material in all cells. Vitamin B12 also helps prevent a type of anemia called megaloblastic anemia that makes people tired and weak.


What's NOT Included?

Everything is left out that you DON'T want. There's no Gluten, no GMO's, and no Yeast or other allergens. Only included is the best most bioactive nutrients packed into a 100% vegetarian formula.



Purchase This Multivitamin

With exceptional quality comes exceptional results. If you're ready to stay healthier, feel better, and help your gut microbiome thrive, then you're ready for XFactor Plus.  Try Plexus XFactor Plus for 60-Days, risk-free, and experience the difference...OR your money back.


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