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3 Pieces of Fitness Equipment You Can Buy That Are Good for Your Mental Health

Fitness Equipment and Mental Health

Everyone knows that working out and staying in shape is good for physical health. It helps to manage weight, reduces the risk of heart disease, and makes for solid muscles and bones. But did you know that exercising is also good for your mental health?

In addition to the many obvious physical benefits, daily exercise also has powerful repercussions on the brain. The endorphins released during activities such as running, biking, swimming, and using weight training equipment have been proven to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, and stress symptoms.

Furthermore, a few minutes of daily exercise can improve brain function, memory, and concentration during work, school, and other daily tasks. Do you have trouble falling or staying asleep at night? Regular exercise can even help you achieve more profound, more consistent sleep.

Are you ready to unlock these physical and mental benefits of working out but don’t know where to start? Look no further than this guide to some of the best fitness equipment you can buy that will help you improve your mental health. 

Yoga Equipment

Yoga is one of the best kinds of exercise you can do to improve your mental health. As a spiritual and meditative practice, yoga instructors emphasize the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. 

The deep and concentrated breathing entailed in yoga helps reduce tension, stress, and inflammation. It is a powerful way to start the day with a more positive outlook. Alternatively, a few minutes of light yoga or stretching before bed can help relax your body and calm your mind for improved sleep.

So what kind of equipment do you need to get started reaping the mental benefits of yoga practice?

Yoga Mat

A quality yoga mat is the first piece of equipment you’ll need to get the most out of your yoga practice. While it is possible to achieve yoga poses on the ground or a rug, a yoga mat will help you stay balanced, evenly distribute your weight, and protect your body with a softer surface.

One of the market's most popular models is perfect for beginners and more advanced practitioners. The Gaiam Essentials Premium Yoga Mat comes at an affordable price while providing top-level quality. 

It is available in various bright and neutral colors to fit any aesthetic, and it comes with carrying straps that make it easy and convenient to take your mat on the go with you. Its extra thick foam cushioning provides comfort and stability every time you move into downward dog! 

Weight Training Equipment

If you’re interested in a higher-intensity activity than yoga, weight training might be just the thing for you. The sense of accomplishment you feel from being able to lift heavier weights and being able to see your progress will also lead to improved self-esteem. Additionally, starting a strength training routine may help improve body image and achieve a positive sense of self. 

While staring down rows upon rows of free weights and machines at any fitness center might feel overwhelming, you only need a few pieces of weight training equipment to begin a strength and conditioning program. Some of the types of weights you will most commonly see are dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells. 

Of these three, dumbbells are the most versatile option and take up the least storage space, a crucial consideration when you’re first building up your home gym. This next section will cover one of our top dumbbell recommendations to help you make the most of your weight training equipment.


One of the best features of dumbbells is that they can be used for various activities. In fact, it is even possible to design an entire strength training program around this one piece of equipment! Most often, dumbbells come in pairs that are part of a set, with different weights that can range anywhere from two to over fifty points. 

One of the most popular dumbbell sets is this CAP Barbell Black Neoprene Coated Dumbbell Weights. They are made of pure iron and then dipped in a coating of neoprene, which softens the surface and provides a comfortable grip. 

While most dumbbells are round in shape, this model features a hexagonal design that prevents them from rolling around on the floor when you put them down. You can use them for a complete, full-body workout. Tone your arms, legs, abs, and even your brain. 


Running Equipment

Running is another activity that can do wonders for your physical and mental health. In addition to strengthening muscles and cardiovascular fitness, running can be an effective stress reliever and also play a role in reducing both anxiety and depression.

One of the best parts of running is that you only need minimal equipment to get started–just a pair of comfortable shoes and a will to step out the door. But once you get into a routine, you may find that tracking your progress is one of the most fun and rewarding parts of a running program.

Run Tracker

There are many tools out there for tracking runs; one of the best we have found is this Garmin Forerunner 55 GPS Running Watch. It uses cutting-edge technology to track how much ground you cover, your time, and how fast you run (your pace). It also functions as a heart-rate monitor, so you can know precisely how hard you work. 

Tracking your heart rate during workouts is crucial because it can let you know when you need to back off and let your body recover from exercise. One of the most common mistakes people make in their fitness programs is not prioritizing rest.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! This article has covered some of the best fitness equipment you can buy to benefit your mental health. Although all exercise is beneficial for both the mind and body, the activities of yoga, weight training, and running offer specific advantages for your brain. A yoga mat, dumbbells, and run tracker will help unlock these benefits! 

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