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How to Get Excited About Working Out On a Rainy Day

How to Get Excited About Working Out on a Rainy Day

Working out in picture-perfect weather is challenging enough, but it’s a different type of challenge when rain gets thrown into the mix. The rain physically and figuratively beats down on you, making every task more difficult and less enjoyable. If you need some extra motivation, here are seven ways to get excited about working out in the rain.

1.   Remember Your Ultimate Goal

Everyone’s motivation ebbs and flows during their fitness journeys regardless of their day-to-day circumstances and long-term goals. You won’t feel like working out on certain days, and that’s okay. That’s why rain shouldn’t affect your mental state too much. It’s just another obstacle to overcome.

When you see the rainy weather forecast, ignore the wave of temporary negative feelings and remember your ultimate goal. Rain isn’t always a valid excuse. You don’t want to start making excuses for skipping workouts. This habit quickly devolves into complacency, which might lead you to abandon your routine altogether.

Learning to maintain your routine regardless of external factors is a significant step in your fitness journey. Any sad sap can find a reason to avoid difficult tasks. But mentally tough individuals know how to ignore the outside noise, put their heads down, and focus on achieving their goals.

2.   Dress for the Occasion

Outdoor workouts in the rain are much more productive and enjoyable with the right clothes. First of all, you don’t need to overdress with a heavy raincoat and pants. These items will only keep you dry for a few minutes and weigh you down for the rest of the workout. You also shouldn’t wear cotton in wet or cold weather because it easily absorbs and holds moisture.

The ideal outfit for working out in the rain is a few layers of lightweight polyester clothes, a polyester baseball cap, and a pair of heavy-duty wool running socks. Polyester and wool have thermal properties that help keep the body warm. You might also consider wearing these types of protective gear:

  • Lightweight poncho
  • High-visibility or reflective outerwear
  • Neoprene gloves

You can also buy a pair of waterproof running shoes, but these are not mandatory. You’re likely to encounter some puddles during your workout. Once the water gets inside the shoes, it needs a way out. Regular running shoes with good traction are sufficient for outdoor workouts in the rain. Footwear is important, but your posture and running motion are higher priorities.

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3.   Be Prepared With Alternate Workout Plans

If you go on a daily outdoor run, the rain might make your usual route unavailable. It’s best to avoid busy streets, dirt trails, underpasses, drainage areas, and other places that might collect standing water. Plan an alternate route ahead of time to avoid these areas on rainy days.

A passing shower is nothing to worry about, but a thunderstorm can be a valid reason to skip an outdoor workout. On those especially inclement days, be prepared with an alternate indoor workout plan to stay active. The routine doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it’s possible to lose weight without working out by making the right diet and lifestyle choices.

Your alternate workout plan could be a simple stretching routine, a yoga session, or a quick run on a treadmill. These low-stress activities won’t put much strain on your body, but they will burn calories and help you reach your goals.

4.   Create a Rainy Day Music Playlist

A major downside of working out in the rain is the inability to use your phone. You can still listen to music with some waterproof headphones, but you can’t take out your phone and switch songs. To solve this problem, create a rainy-day playlist with your favorite tunes so you don’t have to keep switching songs. Let the playlist run its course and focus on your workout.

Rain tends to dampen our moods, so your playlist should include plenty of upbeat songs with positive messages. The music should give you a motivational boost and make you excited to take on the bad weather.

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5.   Watch Out for Chafing

Chafing is another factor that could ruin a rainy outdoor workout. Running on a sunny day can lead to severe chafing, but the rain compounds the effects and makes it more painful. Consider adding vaseline to areas that are prone to chafing, like the armpits and inner thighs. Your performance will improve and you’ll have much more fun.

6.   Invite a Friend

Misery loves company. If you’re still struggling with workout motivation on rainy days, invite a friend or friends with similar routines. Instead of trudging through the rain by yourselves, your workout group can be wet and miserable together.

When you surround yourself with like-minded people, you have more incentive to follow your workout routine. You don’t want to disappoint them. Your competitive side forces you to keep up with the pack. Group motivation is a powerful psychological force that will encourage you to take on obstacles you previously would have avoided.

7.   Embrace the Suck

Working out in the rain will challenge your mental toughness. It will make you wet and cold. You might even slip and fall a few times. If you want to make your rainy workout fun, you need to embrace these negative factors, or in other words, “embrace the suck.” This phrase is a popular slogan in the military that encourages soldiers to power through exhausting tasks.

Your workouts probably aren’t as grueling as military training exercises, but the point still stands. You need to embrace the worst parts of your workout. We experience the most growth in those temporary moments of suffering, both physically and mentally. Instead of wallowing and self-pity because of some rain, be thankful you have the privilege to exercise and better yourself.

When your attitude changes and you accept the struggle, every workout becomes an exciting adventure. Bad weather won’t matter because it’s just another challenge you get to overcome.

See Sunshine on Cloudy Days

The weather doesn’t always cooperate, but that doesn’t mean you need to skip your workout. Change your outlook and try to see sunshine on cloudy days – or rainy days, in this case. If every day was perfect, everyone would have their dream bodies. Working out in the rain is a privilege, not a hassle. Embrace the ups and downs of your fitness journey and stay the course!

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