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Just Run

Just Run

I took this picture one morning during my run here in the Nashville, TN area. With the fog and the sunrise, I couldn’t help but stop and take this shot. Instantly, I could envision men fighting on these battle fields during the Civil War. Fighting for their freedom.

Then I thought about how much running is like fighting a battle. At least for me it is. Not just a physical battle...but a spiritual and mental one as well.

Even this run I had to fight through. (Why did I think I could run 13.1 miles after a week long cruise?)

And then it was if Jesus whispered down to me and said “Fight for your freedom. Just run. Just keep running to Me.”

No matter your battle...just keep running to Jesus. Even if sometimes your run is a walk...or even a slow crawl. Just keep moving forward and you will finish victoriously.

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