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How Many Calories To Lose Weight?


Some of the biggest questions regarding weight loss are "What IS the formula for losing weight?" and "How many calories to lose weight?".  We all want to be able to quickly and easily lose that stubborn weight that we can't seem to get off.  So many of us have tried so hard...and even have been losing some of the weight, but then become stalled or even gain it back.  The good news is that there IS INDEED a formula that works every single time.  If you follow it, you WILL lose weight and keep it off.

What is this formula?

You must burn more calories than you take in.  It's as simple as that. So, how many calories do I need to burn to lose weight?  Most people don't realize that in order for our bodies to function, it burns energy (calories).  That's called "Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)".  If you find out what your RMR is, then you'll know how many calories per day (without exercise) that you need to stay under if you want to lose weight.  There are online RMR calculators that you can find.  Here is one: Resting Metabolic Rate Calculator.  For instance, when I enter all of my info into this calculator, it says that my RMR is 1651 calories per day.  So, if I eat less than 1651 calories per day (without exercise), then I will begin losing weight.  The more under that, the more weight I will lose.  If you add exercise into the equation, then however many calories I burn exercising, I can add that to my RMR...and that new number becomes the number of calories that I need to stay under.  So, say I burn 500 calories running, then as long as I eat less than 2,151 calories that day, I will begin to lose weight.  Again, the more under that number, the more weight I'll lose.

Calorie Tracker App

The easiest way to keep track of the calories we eat each day, is with a calorie tracker app.  Most of them have a bar code scanner, so that you can easily scan the bar code of the food you are eating and it quickly pulls in the nutrition info of that food into the app.  If the food doesn't have a bar code on it, then you can type in the food into a search and it pulls up the nutrition info that way.  My favorite calorie tracker app is "MyFitness Pal".  It has a "friends" feature so that we can hold each other accountable.

Other Weight Loss Tips

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