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There IS Freedom

There Is Freedom

I don’t think I can say it much better than what I read this morning. So I thought I’d just share the devotion.

Freedom - Kim Walker-Smith (from Living With A Fire by Jesus Culture)

God gave us a way out of every mess we could every make, hope in any situation, and healing for every broken place inside of us when He gave us Jesus. Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice and atonement for all our sins and because of that, we can experience total freedom in every area of our lives.

Oftentimes, when there is something broken inside of us or perhaps we find ourselves in a mess because of our own poor decisions, we have a tendency to run the opposite direction of Jesus. Afraid of punishment or afraid of not being found worthy, we try to hide the dark places in our hearts. But Jesus is a kind and compassionate Father who meets us right where we are, when we surrender to Him. He calls us to “step out of the shadows”, like this song says and run straight towards Him. He is not afraid of the mess or the wrestling or questions or the pain. Only in Him do we find complete freedom and wholeness.

Sometimes we end up blaming God for painful things that have happened to us or that we have experienced. We end up with a lot of questions, offended hearts, and a demand for answers. My prayer is that your hunger and desperation for Jesus would outweigh all of that. The truth is, He is the only answer that satisfies.

So, today, if there is a place inside your heart that you have been hiding or ignoring, run straight to Jesus! Call on His Name! In His Presence you will find all that you are looking for and needing. If you find yourself feeling lost to find the words or too weary to lift your hands, remember that there is so much power in the name of Jesus. Just speak out His name and watch the atmosphere change as you turn your attention and affection to Him. He’s a loving Father who responds to His children and where His Spirit is, there is freedom!

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