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How You Should Optimize Your Warm Weather Exercise Routine

Warm Weather Exercise Routine

Most of the people flock outside in hot weather for jogging, playing basketball, and doing yard work. But when the temperature on mercury scales rises, doing "easy" exercise becomes a difficult physical undertaking, & doing intense exercise can appear deadly. If the body's temperature regulatory system is overtaxed, you might make yourself vulnerable to developing some heat-related illness. It is fair to state that not everybody wants to get stuck in the fitness center on a beautiful warm day.

Performing exercises in workout clothes outdoors makes you sock up under the sun while adding variety to the workout routine. With an optimized workout routine & the right strategy, your workout regimen can be optimized in the warm weather.

Undoubtedly working out in hot months is challenging. Even the best summer workouts can get you overheated. However, ample sunshine, long days & warmer temperatures give more opportunities to the whole family for going outside & getting active!

Things to keep in your mind

Timing plays a great role: Try avoiding exercising outdoors during the early afternoon. Usually, the hottest time in summer is between noon & 3 p.m.

Hydrate yourself: You must keep yourself perfectly hydrated. You must keep your fluid levels at the top before, during & after you are done performing the activity, you must drink water even if you don’t feel thirsty.

Keep the water with you all the time while you are working out outside. Also plan water stops along your route. So you can refill your tank. Bring your bottle of water with you, or plan water stops along your route.

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Dress for your success: Wear lightweight, light-colored, and loose-fitting clothes. Making sure you choose clothes that are manufactured from the moisture-wicking cloth will be of big help.  For the protection of your eyes keep sunglasses, a hat & sweat-resistant sunscreen with you.

Listen to the body: To work out more and more do not neglect your body. Make sure you take frequent breaks, cool down in the shade, & drink water before you feel thirsty.

Give yourself proper time so your body can get adapted to the surrounding heat -- experts claim that this might take around 4 to 14 days. Your body might not be able to perform exercises as hard as it does during hot days.

See the doctor’s orders: Make sure you check with the healthcare professional before starting the exercise routine or start doing the workout outdoors if you already suffer from cardiovascular, diabetic or any other chronic disease, do not go out directly in the heat before consulting the doctor. You can also do the workout with your friends it will help with the motivation.

Ways of optimizing your Warm Weather exercise regimen

1)   Move around More

The warm weather during summertime makes it way easier for being active outdoors. Also, it brings a lot of fun. The simplest way of getting fit & staying fit is moving more and more, period. It does not matter what you are doing as long as you’re staying actively busy. Sit down & lookout for the schedule that'll fit seamlessly into the schedule.

Keep in mind if it is important for you, you will get the time for it. Every bit of the time counts! Even when you park further from the grocery store or take stairs rather than an elevator it will create a difference.

2)   Make It Fun For your self

Take time for finding the warm-weather activity that will work for you & that you will enjoy. Walking is one of the most fun and pleasurable ways of moving around. Estimate taking 10,000 steps per day. If you are new to exercise & that is outside the comfort zone, start setting the smaller goal & then increase it gradually- the number of steps you take each day.

3)   Perform quick Workouts on Your Busiest Days

Just going out & moving around more is an amazing place to start the exercise, but if you don’t get the results that you are looking for then you might need to kick up to the notch. You don't necessarily need to spend so many hours inside the gym doing the full-body workout. You can do an intense exercise session in less than 20 minutes.

Performing HIIT workouts on alternate days is called burst training, you can do the full-body exercises in less time. HIIT involves working out at the very top of the capacity for 45-60 seconds, then for recovery do walking or jogging for around 3 minutes followed by slow jogging, then return to your high-intensity session for another 45-60 seconds.

With High-intensity interval training, you are only required to do 15-20 minutes & that is too minimal or no- equipment exercise. If you are new to HIIT workouts, start them gradually and prepare yourself for a sweaty session.

4)   Hydration Hydration Hydration!

Fitness tips for summers are really simple: you must drink more and more water. Overall, the water content in the body is around 65%, staying properly hydrated impacts all the systems in your body starting from temperature to mood. Dehydration also impairs performance & your health. Recommended water consumption depends upon so many factors that include age, your activity level & outdoor heat.

Experts recommend drinking 8–10-ounce glasses of water in a day. Alternatively, your whole body can get divided by your body weight in the half & drink as many ounces of water you can. You must listen to the body. Cramping, fatigue & other symptoms, while you are sweating heavily, shouldn’t go ignored. Sweating hard outdoor workouts means you’re depleting the electrolytes.

5)   Keep both of your Eyes on the Weather

Exercise & warm weather raises the core body temperature. As you combine the two while performing intense exercise on hot and humid days — even seasoned athletes need the exercise caution under such conditions. The body cools it by sweating, cooling yourself down is way harder under humid conditions. As perspiration does not evaporate from the surface layer of your skin. Your heartbeat rises as the body works to keep it cool.

So lacing up both of your running shoes or heading towards the tennis courts, make sure you check the weather reports. If humidity or temperature is rising too high up on the scale, consider backing your workout.

An exercise regimen that feels easy on a hot temperate day can be dangerous and have intense effects on the hot and humid afternoon. So you must respect the body and understand that it has its limitations. And you should settle with them. People who have larger bodies such as the elderly, kids & those who are accustomed to rigorous exercises should stay extremely cautious under hot weather conditions.

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6)   Dressing Appropriately

While you exercise in the heat, what you are wearing matters a lot. Sweat-wicking,  light-colored clothing is your way of working out in hot weather conditions. Dark and heavy clothes raise your temperature even more. Make sure you use the right gears— like protective padding and helmets — also the traps heat & raise the body temperature. If you’ve to suit up, you must reduce the workout intensity & duration.

Wear UV-blocking protective sunglasses & make sure you don't forget your sunscreen. Choose some water-resistant sunscreen that has a lower SPF number or a higher broad-spectrum on the label. Keep it applied up to 30 minutes before you head out. Continue reapplying the sunscreen as it is directed in the package. Sunburn reduces your body's ability to cool itself down.

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