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Why Your Blood Type Should be the Map to Your Diet: Types AB, B, O, & A 


The blood type diet is when you eat according to your blood type to decrease the risk of chronic illness and improve overall health. There are four blood types — AB, B, O, and A. Each has a specific diet to follow to promote digestion, weight loss, and increased energy.

Here is why your blood type should be the map to your diet and food suggestions to follow. Learn about how to eat right for your blood type.

History of the Blood Type Diet

Naturopathic physician Dr. P.J. D’Adamo was the first person to introduce the blood type diet in 1996. His book “Eat Right for Your Type,” was based on research regarding ancient humans' diets. He explains how blood types developed during periods when there was only access to specific foods, which changed the digestive enzymes to tolerate them.

He also included that blood type is associated with genetic variants that impact certain diseases. Knowing your blood type might help determine the risks of various illnesses. Although, there is still no evidence showing a particular diet can be better or worse for different blood types.

Blood Type and Health

Certain blood types may be at higher risk for certain diseases than others. For example, type O may have a higher risk of stomach ulcers but a lower risk of heart disease. Stress and blood type can also go hand and hand. Some blood types — like type A — have higher cortisol levels, producing a more severe response to stressful situations.

The gut and blood type are also intertwined with each other. Each blood type has different gut bacteria, which supports the idea that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition. It is an essential tool for understanding how your body reacts to food.

Eat Right For Your Blood Type 

The blood type diet requires you to eat certain foods depending on your blood type. Part of the claim is that your ancestors’ history and genetics play a role in why some foods can better suit your body. These are the recommendations on how to eat right for your blood type.

Type A

Those with type A blood should avoid red meat. The diet should be based primarily on fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, and whole grains — ideally, all should be organic and fresh. Type A is said to have sensitive immune systems, so you should try to avoid processed foods.

Drinking lots of herbal teas and water is best over caffeine and alcohol. Exercise is also essential, so experts recommend doing low-impact workouts like yoga. You may want to include calcium, iron, vitamin A, and E supplements.

Type B

The best foods for type B are green vegetables, eggs, certain meats, and low-fat dairy. Chicken can be a problematic food in this diet, so it is best to avoid it. It also cautions against corn, wheat, tomatoes, peanuts, and other seeds.

You can replace chicken with other forms of protein like eggs or fish. Drinking green tea, water, and organic fruit juices is best. As for exercise, running, cycling and jogging are great stimulating options.

Type AB

This blood type is a mix between A and B. Type AB blood type is said to have low stomach acid, so staying away from caffeine, alcohol, and cured meats is recommended. The diet states seafood, tofu, dairy, beans, greens, and grains are the best foods. Those with type AB should avoid corn, beef, and chicken.

Your best fruit and vegetable choices are leafy greens, pineapple, kiwi, grapes, and cherries. Drinking water, coffee, and green tea fit well into this diet. You can participate in various exercises, whether calm or vigorous.

Type O

Type O should eat a high-protein diet. Red meat, fish, chicken, fruits, and veggies are the best foods. Although, if you are type O, eat grains, beans, and dairy in moderation. Type O tends to have a sensitive stomach and should be careful to eat best for these issues.

This is a low-carb diet, which may feel more restrictive than the others. You can eat full dairy products in moderation. Doing aerobic exercises regularly will benefit this blood type.

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Benefits of Eating For Your Blood Type

You may be wondering if the blood type diet has any real benefits. Lots of health experts believe everyone has different tolerances when it comes to food. There are some reasons you may choose to do a blood-type diet, but some of the effects may pay off.

Weight Loss

You may turn to the blood-type diet in hopes of losing weight. It may aid in weight loss, but it might not have anything to do with the blood type. The approaches are pretty restrictive while highlighting the awareness of your food choices.

Most of the time, weight gain comes from overeating and little activity. Following your specific diet means making sacrifices from various food groups, mainly processed foods with higher calories. Eating more whole foods can limit the chances of overeating since protein and fiber are more filling and control hunger.

Skin Improvements 

Clear and beautiful skin has always been a part of the demand in people of society. The aging population makes up 42% of dermatology patients and the industry expects this number to grow. Different types of food can trigger skin conditions in different blood types. Diet for skin conditions and blood types can help with an immune response in the individual.

Foods in the blood type diet can fight inflammation and promote clear, glowing skin. Certain foods are known to cure acne — like greens and fatty fish — which are common in each diet. Trying this diet may help solve your skin issues.

Improved Mental Health

There is a link between diet and mental health. A healthy diet can help manage symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Eating well can help lower inflammation and improve gut microbiomes, affecting your mental health. Following any diet can help you feel more confident since you gain a sense of control over your life. This is the ultimate form of self-care since prioritizing mental health is crucial to your well-being.

Try Out the Blood Type Diet For Improved Health

Following your blood type diet can help you improve your overall healthy eating habits. A well-balanced diet aims to enhance your health and improve areas of your life. Consider following the suggestions for your blood type and seeing how your mind and body change.

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