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The Best Healthy Hobbies to Start This Spring

The Best Healthy Hobbies to Start This Spring

Hobbies are an important part of life. They enrich our lives in countless ways, and they can boost our mental and physical health. If you’re looking to find a new passion, here are the 15 best healthy hobbies to start this spring.

Why Hobbies?

What would you do with your time if you didn’t have to work? While burnout might make an extended Netflix binge seem appealing, you’d get tired of TV soon enough if that’s all you did all day, every day.

Hobbies make you happy to be alive. They define who you are as a human being, not simply a human doing what you must to survive. It’s a link to freedom and self-actualization — research shows that those who have positive hobbies enjoy greater happiness and well-being than those who let others dictate how they spend all their time. Engaging in your favorite pastime can improve your mood and ease depression symptoms.

Some hobbies can also be great forms of exercise. Staying physically active can boost your cognitive performance and concentration, for both adults and children. Hobbies that get your body moving can do wonders for your physical and mental wellbeing.

15 Healthy Hobbies to Start This Spring

What are some positive pastimes to get into as the season changes? Here are 15 healthy hobbies to start this spring.

1. Geocaching

What can you do to get your recommended dose of physical activity if hitting the gym bores you to tears? Consider geocaching. This healthy hobby has you wandering the wild while honing your compass and GPS skills in search of hidden treasure. You might not notice the calorie burn as you meet your daily step count in search of your cache.

2. Journaling

Venting your innermost thoughts on social media risks embarrassment or, worse, career repercussions. However, you can say anything you like in your journal without fear of reprisal. Buy a groovy locking version if you fear prying eyes.

3. Hiking

If you love nature and want to get more physically fit, hiking is the perfect hobby. You can take a leisurely walk through the woods or find a more challenging trail. Either way, you’ll get the physical benefits of walking in the fresh air and the mental benefits of disconnecting from busy life.

4. Drawing or Painting

A sketch pad might replace a journal for those who prefer to think in images. Others prefer oils or watercolors on canvas. Nurturing your artistic side honors your creativity, even if you never display your visions.

5. Foraging

Are you among the millions burdened by rising grocery prices? What if you could add more fresh foods to your diet for free? Foraging shows you the way, teaching you about native flora while honing a valuable survival skill. Sign up for an edible plant walk at a nature center near you.

6. Container Gardening

Gardening is a nurturing, healthy hobby and another way to build food security. Even urban dwellers can get into container gardens, starting with easy-to-grow foods they typically eat, like beans, tomatoes and cucumbers, perhaps one day graduating to trickier plants, like orchids.

7. Beekeeping

Bees play a crucial role in the ecosystem. You can contribute to their ongoing survival by mastering the art of beekeeping. Research the laws in your jurisdiction before you invest — while most locations allow beekeeping, you may have to register your operations with the state.

8. Archery

Is Robin Hood one of your all-time favorite stories? Master the art of archery as a healthy hobby and imagine joining the Merry Men.

9. Yoga

Yoga is an exercise that engages both your mind and body. Whether you take a class or watch videos online, practicing yoga will put your mind at ease while activating your muscles.

10. Unicycling

Nearly anyone can ride a bike. However, mastering a unicycle helps strengthen your core while improving your balance and proprioception. If you’re looking for a fun challenge, this one might be for you.

11. Juggling

With all the multitasking you do every day, keeping two balls in the air will be no problem. Mastering three or more objects will make you a quick hit at parties.

12. Canoeing

Getting out on the water gains appeal as the weather warms. Plus, this healthy hobby develops your upper body strength.

13. Team Sports

Joining a local sports league has countless benefits. Not only will playing a sport, like soccer or volleyball, enhance your physical fitness, but it can boost your social wellness. Social activity is an important contributor to mental health. If you’re looking to make new friends, joining a team is a perfect option. 

14. Cooking

Here’s a healthy hobby that can stick to your ribs or whittle your waist. Experiment with cooking various foreign cuisines or mastering gluten-free baking that’s indistinguishable from wheat flour.

15. Volunteering

When all else fails, find a chance to do good. Performing acts of kindness raises several neurotransmitter levels that boost your mood.

Healthy Hobbies to Start This Spring

Hobbies connect you to who you would be if money weren’t a concern. They’re a celebration of who you are and can boost your mental health. Consider starting one of these healthy hobbies this spring.

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Hobbies are an important part of life. They enrich our lives in countless ways, and they can boost our mental and physical health. If you’re looking to find a new passion, here are the 15 best healthy hobbies to start this spring.

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