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Healthy New Year's Resolutions to Feel Good Inside and Out

Healthy New Year's Resolutions to Feel Good Inside and Out

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the ups and downs of 2023. Now that it's January again, it's time to create a fresh set of New Year's resolutions. Here are some ideas you can add to your list to feel great.

1. Get Enough Shuteye

Being sleep-deprived even for a day will affect your concentration, memory, energy and mood. You may survive the day without sufficient shuteye, but it will impact your health in the long term.

It can increase your risk of mental and physical illness and weaken your immune system. So, improving your sleep is an ideal goal for a fresh year. When well-rested, you take on the day with everything you've got.

2. Increase Movement

Exercise is one of those New Year’s resolutions that many pursue enthusiastically but may drift away from later. Make this year different by committing to it throughout.

One way to make exercise enjoyable is by choosing a form of movement you love. Physical activities are not limited to gym sessions. You can do active yoga, biking, swimming or sports. Your body and mind will thank you if you move more.

3. Practice Mindfulness

Stillness is as vital as movement to health. You have more than 6,000 thoughts every day, which is likely why you sometimes lose focus. But when your mind is calm, you can stay in the present, assess problematic situations fairly and make better decisions.

Take time in your day to sit in silence and meditate or pray. Grounding yourself in the present for a few minutes may help relieve stress and lets you relax a troubled mind.

4. Take Vacations

Vacations are not a luxury. They’re a necessity and a means for self-recovery. Studies reveal that taking a short four-night vacation allows people to recover from stress and puts them in a good mood.

This year, commit to having more focus on self-care. Don’t hesitate to temporarily step away from things that cause you stress. Take some recovery time so you can return to your responsibilities with the right headspace.

5. Cut Down Screen Time

Many people find it difficult to detach from screens. Most work and social connectivity require it, but many waste precious time on mindless scrolling. Reducing screen time and replacing it with a productive hobby can transform your life.

What worthwhile things can you do? Read a book, meet with friends at a nearby cafe or tend to your garden. You can accomplish more this year by replacing screen time with a productive activity.

6. Breathe More Fresh Outdoor Air

It may feel unpleasant to spend time outdoors when the air is dry and chilly, but there's no better way around building a habit that will last throughout the year than starting today.

Breathing in fresh outdoor air will make you feel better. Plus, sun exposure will activate the production of vitamin D, which helps improve bone health. Going out even on a cold winter morning will be worth it.

7. Build Healthy Relationships

The people around you can affect your mood, health and life. One study found that women who have more intense levels of social strain are more likely to experience a heart attack or die of it than those with better relationships.

Let go of people who elevate your stress levels. This year, create a circle of people who support, empower, and encourage you. When you're surrounded by better folks, you can survive the challenges of the year ahead.

8. Ramp up Nutrition

You only have one body, so nourish it with healthy food. Buy fruits and vegetables and prepare your own meals. Include more greens on your plate. Be excited about trying out new, wholesome recipes.

While cooking your own lunch or dinner may require some time and effort, the return on your health is exponential. Plus, you can stash away more dollars on savings compared to if you get takeout.

Start the New Year Right

Many people give up making New Year’s resolutions because they think they’ll fail. But sometimes, what they lack to implement a positive change is the ardent desire to make it happen. If you want something bad enough, you’ll do everything for it to gain traction.

It’s the same with New Year’s resolutions. If you make the change starting this winter and show up consistently, you’ll end the year with a bang.

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