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Healthy Summer Fun With Friends

Healthy Activities to Do With Friends This Summer

Making time for your friends is an absolute must, so healthy summer fun activities is a must. Picture the natural terrain and soaking in the sunlight — it could be a breath of fresh air for you and your group! Plus, putting fitness first can ensure you and your buddies grow old and healthy together.

1. Volunteering

Volunteer at a local community to give back to a space that means a lot to you. You and your friends can pick a specific space to help with, like sorting out books at the local library or promoting events in the art sector. Participating in an outreach program can be rewarding, too.

Volunteering can have various benefits, like giving you and your friend group a new perspective. Social connections and community building encourage people to strengthen their relationships and help one another.

2. Biking

Did you ever have a summer where you just kept cycling without a destination? Invite your friends to get their bikes and design a route together. Take your time through the summer day as you enjoy the sights and sounds your group passes by.

Working out with your buddies can be a good motivation. Start a friendly competition and see who gets to a checkpoint the fastest. When you all meet for a break, you can laugh and chat together.

3. Group Yoga

If you want a more stationary activity, consider doing group yoga. Attending a class together can be a new and great bonding experience. Learning different yoga poses and seeing who’s more flexible can also be rather fun.

You can also achieve group yoga poses together. For example, the plank-on-plank post can be challenging — you must stack on top of one another while in the bridge position. Once you achieve it, it can be a silly photo opportunity.

4. Hiking

For adrenaline enthusiasts, hiking can be quite fun in the summer. The nice warm weather is a perfect time to scale some heights and take pictures with your friends. Pick some beginner-friendly trails if it’s everyone’s first time hiking.

The Lower Yosemite Falls Trail is fairly attainable for first-timers. For those more experienced, the Upper Yosemite Falls can be quite a challenge. The entire route stretches nearly 2,500 feet — it can take up a whole day of hiking, but the view is worth it. You can also consider camping at a permitted campground. Set an alarm to catch the sunrise.

5. Play Games or Puzzles

On a rainy summer day, you can still have fun with your friends with a game night. Games and puzzles are great activities to keep your mind healthy, which is just as important as a healthy body. Games that make you think will boost your problem-solving skills, which help you tackle life’s challenges. 

Puzzles can improve your memory and cognition, which will benefit you as you get older. Inviting your friends over for a game night will lead to lots of laughs and friendly competition as you flex your brain muscles.

6. Beach Hopping

Heading to the beach can be quite a joy with friends, from the drive there to soaking in the light. Getting sunshine is good since it reduces symptoms of depression and mental distress. Just remember to bring enough sunscreen for the group to steer clear of UV rays and sunburns.

You can try plenty of water activities, from swimming to kayaking and so much more. You can also make a mission to check out multiple beach towns in one weekend. The more shores you visit, the more coves and landscapes you see.

7. Walking Tour

Think about a city you and your friends have always talked about exploring together, and search for a walking tour in the area. This activity is a good option if you want to stay closer to civilization and explore a new space together.

Hire a guide to take you around the streets. You can also find self-guided routes to use as a reference for your trip. While it might be uncharted territory for you and your friend, you can customize your journey. Take time walking and see the sights you want to check out.

8. Group Sports

Group sports are always riveting, allowing you to learn something new and spark a little rivalry with your best friends. Groups with two to four people can enjoy activities like badminton, tennis and ping-pong. Here are some suggestions for bigger groups:

  • Golfing: Squeezing into a golf cart and driving a cart can be a fun way to get the group involved. Plus, golf is quiet enough for you to chatter together while waiting for everyone to complete their turn and move to the next hole.
  • Bowling: Split into teams and knock down as many pins as you can. Bowling with a group can stimulate endorphin production and stress reduction. Work out some muscles and cheer for every strike you get.
  • Ice skating: If you’re tired of the heat, travel to an ice rink and have a skating session together. Even if you’re a beginner at this sport, you can hire an instructor who can handle your group.

Beat the Heat with Healthy Fun

Summer can be fun to spend alone, but it’s even better with the company of your friends. Coordinate a day where you can complete one of the tasks above and gain new experiences together. Don’t forget your refreshments along the way!

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Making time for your friends is an absolute must, so healthy summer fun activities is a must. Picture the natural terrain and soaking in the sunlight — it could be a breath of fresh air for you and your group! Plus, putting fitness first can ensure y...

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