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10 Exercises That Are Good for Your Body and Mind

10 Exercises That Are Good for Your Body and Mind

Many people have a busy lifestyle, leaving little to no time to care for their well-being. Creating a healthy balance between your responsibilities and self-care is ideal so you can perform your duties best. If you struggle with self-care, you may benefit from performing activities that boost physical and mental health. Here are 10 exercises to help you care for your mind and body.

1.   Yoga

Yoga offers physical and mental health benefits regardless of your level of expertise. This activity helps improve balance, flexibility and strength. It can also help ease back pain and arthritis symptoms, as stretching can help relieve tense muscles. A consistent yoga routine can provide mind and body relaxation to help you sleep better at night. You can tune into YouTube or sign up for a class to reap the benefits of this exercise.

2.   Walking

What could be a regular part of your routine can benefit your body and mind. Taking regular walks can help burn excess calories, boost heart health and retain healthy weight. It’s a low-impact cardio workout that increases blood flow to the brain and triggers a release of feel-good neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, endorphins and serotonin, helping you set the right mood for the day.

Start this activity by taking brisk walks for 30 minutes daily, at least three times weekly.

3.   Running

Regular aerobic exercise like running provides a lot of benefits. A running session at a moderate pace each week can improve your heart health and boost your brainpower. It can also help reduce stress and help you manage anxiety. The best thing about this activity is its accessibility — you can participate in this exercise no matter where you are.

4.   Swimming

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the U.S. This exercise provides a fun way to care for your heart. It also improves blood flow to the brain, which is essential for better mood, memory recall and mental performance. You don’t need to hire a coach to reap these benefits. Having a pool at home can provide a relaxing and meditative space where you can swim anytime.

5.   Cycling

This activity promotes better lower-body muscle strength and heart health. Cycling is a low-impact exercise, meaning you can exercise longer to burn more calories. The rhythmic motions of cycling help ease your mind from worries as you take in the sights of the environment.

6.   Tai Chi

This form of martial arts requires slow-motion actions, helping to promote the overall body’s range of motion. It can help relieve fibromyalgia and knee osteoarthritis, debilitating conditions that can hamper you from doing daily activities. Tai Chi is an exercise that requires mindfulness of your body and mind, resulting in lower anxiety levels and better cognitive function.

7.   Dancing

Moving to the groove incorporates many aspects of mind and body processes, including physical movement coordination, facial expression and synchronization. Since it’s a multi-tasking activity, it can help boost brain power, increase flexibility and improve cardiovascular health.

8.   Golf

Golf provides several health benefits. According to one study, golfers live an average of five years longer than those who don’t engage in the sport. Since golf requires focus and flexibility, it can help boost focus and tone muscles. Exposure to greenery can help ease stress and anxiety levels.

9.   Gardening

Shoveling, planting and raking are heart-healthy exercises that help burn calories and free your mind from worries. Growing and eating fresh vegetables may also improve your diet and overall wellness. This activity can also promote better concentration and provide relief from mood disorders.

10.       Resistance Training

Using weight machines, resistance bands and suspension equipment can help you build strength and endurance to improve bone density, joint mobility and heart health. When you do resistance training regularly, you invest in greater stamina and better mental health. You’ll experience self-confidence and improved body image as you notice improvements in your body.

Invest in Your Wellness

It’s time to prioritize yourself. Engage in any of the following activities and eat a balanced diet to enjoy a healthier and longer life. Which exercise are you most excited to try out?

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